About the Heart

About the Heart

Pops fell ill of a massive heart attack on June 9, 2007 in the middle of a doubles tennis match.  After his teammates rang 911 he was rushed off by EMS to a nearby Houston hospital for lifesaving treatment.  33 defibrilating shocks later and a will to live, he walked away from the hospital 2-weeks later and lead an active life for a number of years with a newly inserted pace maker and ICD (intra-cardio defibrilator).  A few set-backs and medication regulations along the way, but he was able to travel, watch his son marry, celebrate an invite to play matches in the 2010 national doubles finals for men 60+, improve his golf handicap, welcome a grand baby and spend a few years in retirement with Mom.
Fast forward to summer 2013 while on a 2-week vacation across the country to visit family.  While spending a sunny day at the lake in upstate New York he washed a harmless cut out with lake water and within days became septic.  He spent a number of weeks in hospitals and rehab centers recooperating and learning to walk again after a bout of nerve damage in his legs.

The fall/winter of 2013 brought more out-patient rehab in Houston and a celebration with family over the holidays.

In early 2014 he was rushed back to the hospital for another bout of sepsis which was treated on a heavy regime of antibiotics.  A few weeks of hospital treatment and a 10-day stay at a rehab hospital was a set back, but he was released to go home and ready to agressively start his recovery.

In March of 2014 after only two weeks home, he was rushed back to the ER and has been admitted ever since.  As of this post (5/6/14), he has under gone:

  • Pace maker/ICD removal which resulted in a lab study that revealed bacteria growing on the device
  • New pace maker/ICD insertion 
  • Temporary Impella heart pump which was removed after 3 days and replaced with VAD pumps
  • Open heart surgery to insert two VADs (Ventricular Assist Devices) on the left and right side ventricles.
  • A second open surgery to clean out excess blood and such from the original open heart.
As of April 18, 2014 he is listed as a 1A candidate for a new heart.  After a few days of nervous anticipation of waiting to determine if Medicare would approve his life-saving VAD surgery as a bridge to transplant we we remain hopeful that all his struggles, gains and set-backs are put in place as to get him at the top of the list for a new heart.

If anyone deserves a new heart, it is our Pops.  The consummate father, husband, son, brother, uncle, and friend.  His doctors and nursing staff love tending to him and love his fighting spirit.

This blog was created to obtain a universe filled with prayer warriors and to surround him with love and comfort as he transitions out of his old heart and awaits for his new.

March on Prayer Warriors!

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